Mindful Laundry Bag

Color (Pearl)


Our Mindful Laundry Bag prevents microplastics from getting into the water when washing and thereby help preventing the microplastic pollution in the world's oceans. It also reduces the damage on your clothes when washing, which improves the longevity of the clothes. Our Mindful Laundry Bags is an important part of our Sustainability Goals. 


  • When synthetic clothes are washed, microplastics are released into the washing water. The washing process is estimated to be the main source for primary microplastic pollution in the oceans.
  • Mindful Laundry Bag prevents microplastics in synthetic fibers (i.e. polyester, elastane) from getting into the washing water. 
  • Reduces the damage on clothes when washing, giving the clothes a longer life. 
  • After washing, mindfully sort the microplastics in the laundry bag with your other household plastic wastes. 
  • Reusable and produced in 100% nylon for longevity.
  • Size: 50x74 cm


~ WE are Mindful ~

Our vision is to empower and motivate women along with contributing to a sustainable development. Our aim is that all women shall have more confidence in themselves, to stand up for their rights and to dare following their dreams in all stages of life. We will also strive toward a circular fashion industry where we intend to generate an increased awareness among consumers. We want to promote a more sustainable fashion and inspire to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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